Adulting (verb) To adult. To do something one would expect an adult to do. To behave the way everyone would expect you to behave when you are an adult.

"I don't adult enough"

"I'm sick of adulting all the time. I just want to child."

Twenty-five. Quarter of a century years old. I am happily engaged, have a down payment on a two bed and a glamorous job that takes me from country to country. Oh, and I have one pet. Aged 10, this is how I saw my future. In reality I live at home and have yet to find my soulmate.  I attempt to bake. I often date. And I sometimes frequent DIY stores. All before another glass of wine. These are the little ways I try to feel like an adult.

I know there are pros and cons to being this age, I just haven’t figured out the pros yet.

Image Credit to Matthew Thomas.


"Highly Recommended Show" (Fringe Review)

"Adulting is inventive, heartfelt and endearing." (Tara Fitzpatrick, Commonspace)

Audience Comments

"Nostalgic, fun, raw and emotional.  Loved it!"

"So fun and engaging.  I usually hate any audience participation but loved it in this.  A joy to watch."

"Made me feel nostalgic for my youth and was emotional for me.  It was engaging and valuable."

"Fun, thought provoking, insightful.  It was perfect just as it was! Excellent!!!"

"Just what I needed today.  Made me happy, music made me dance...  just moved into a new flat today and I can't wait to go there tonight and dance and be silly."

"Fun, gentle, honest.  Made me think a lot about my life and left me smiling."