Can there be perfection in production?

The Love Sect. opens its doors for the first time to give a glimpse on how you can request the perfect partner. It is a place where you pay to play God on the most intimate level, shaping your ideal soulmate by the things you value most, be it religion and morality, class and ethnicity, or even physicality and sexuality. The real question is not if you will take part, but have you been all along?

This first piece of work delves into the ideas of social division and focuses on how a sect can be powerful enough to make people adhere to its beliefs, even in something as intimate as romance and the pursuit of 'perfect love.'

The Love Sect. explores how those beliefs shape the things we consciously or unconsciously spend our whole lives looking for; yet how those same beliefs can cost us the love that we seek.

Cast List

Anthony Byrne
Jonathan Green
Grant McDonald
Stephanie Pollock
Nicole Sergant
Jacqueline Thain
Catherine Ward-Stoddart

Production Team

Stage Manager - Laura Walshe
Lighting Guru - 'Uncle' Dave Shea
Technician - Barry McCall

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